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Chairman's Message

About us

Our founder, N. K. Mehra drew inspiration from the sun – its energy, radiance, and the ability to fulfill everybody's requirements. His leadership and inspiration have been the source of Savita’s fundamental drivers of success; our ability to “deliver technology designed to your needs” and our everlasting determination to build valuable long-standing relationships with all our stakeholders.

Savita has always endeavored to provide value added products to the market, with a focus on entering markets to satisfy un-fulfilled customer needs. Our strength lies in our ability, flexibility and passion to customize petroleum specialty products to suit and exceed our customer’s requirements allowing them to be competitive on all fronts. This unique ability has been achieved through our strong focus on research and development initiatives and high quality customer service.

At Savita we firmly believe that ‘Bonds Build Businesses’ and have imbibed this philosophy over half a century. We have always strived to build value-based relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and stakeholders past and present and will endeavor to continue this pursuit in the future.

Since our inception as a pioneer in petroleum specialty products in India, Savita has evolved to become a well-diversified company with a global reach, marketing our products in over 75 countries worldwide. Along with market leadership in petroleum specialties we wish to lead innovations that will meet the challenges of the future. It was in this context that we ventured into meeting India’s rising energy challenge with initiatives in Renewable Energy and continue to explore future opportunities in sustainable development. We are proud to be Asia’s only Carbon-positive petroleum specialty company.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders who have contributed to the Company completing its remarkable 50th year anniversary in 2011. While we continue to draw inspiration from our past, we remain determined to meet the challenges of the future.

Gautam N. Mehra
Chairman & Managing Director