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Oxidised Waxes & Wax Emulsions


Waxes are low melting solids. They can be derived from crude oil by physical separation and refining or can be synthesized. Petroleum derived waxes contain normal, branched and cyclo paraffins ranging from C30 to C80.



Products Offered

Savita offers the following types of products:
HP500 & HP5000 (Micro crystalline wax), PE100 and PE1000F (Polyethylene wax), BW300 (Oxidized Polyethylene wax) and MI35, MA35 & S5 (Wax emulsions).

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Savita’s Microwax HP500 is used for applications such as coating textile fibres, tyres and rubber compounding.

Savita’s Polyethylene wax PE100 is used in compounding formulations of Master Batches in polymer processing.

Savita’s oxidized wax BW300 is used for making emulsions which are used in the textile industry extensively. These emulsions are coated on the fabric, yarn or thread. The coating lubricates the yarn and thread and imparts improvement in the tensile strength, which results in improvement in their wear and tear characteristics. Wax emulsions, when coated on a finished fabric also imparts soft feel of the garment.

Wax emulsions, MA35, MI35 & S5 emulsions, manufactured by Savita, are used for coating applications for paper, textile, leather, printing ink and metal working industries.


Savita’s waxes and wax blends can be designed as per the specification needs of the customers. Savita’s Polyethylene wax, PE100, offers good plasticization effect for polymer processing in Master batches.

Oxidised wax, BW300, offered by Savita is manufactured from polyethylene wax according to strict processing parameters which ensure consistent quality. The acid value can be tailored between 14 and 18 to suit the processing conditions of the customers.

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