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Cable Filling Compounds & Optic Fibre Compounds


Telecommunication Compounds are used in the manufacture of Copper Cables as well as Optic Fibre Cables. These compounds are gels manufactured by blending specially selected Base Oils with waxes and thermoplastic elastomers. The resulting gels are used as filling compounds and flooding compounds in Copper Cables as well as Optic Fibre Cables.



The compounds fill voids in polyethylene insulated and sheathed Telephone Cables. Their basic function is to prevent moisture penetration into the cables in case of any damage to the cable sleeve.

The filling compounds used in Optic Fibre Cables have to meet specification related to moisture tolerance, softness at low temperature down to -40 deg C and stability at a high temperature of 150 deg C. Savita offers wide range of products meeting these requirements of customers across the Globe.

Products offered

Savita offers two products for Copper Cables – Savofil and Savoflod.

Savofil is used as a filling compound, while Savoflod is used as a flooding compound. Both products meet the requirements and specifications of national and international customers.

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For the Copper Cable industry, Savita’s products for filling and flooding can be processed by melting as well as by pressure filling. For filling with pressure, gel is designed with appropriate thixotropic properties.

For the Optic Fibre Cable industry, Savita offers 2 products – Vitagel MS and Vitagel F, meeting national & international standards.

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The products for Copper Cables - Savofil & Savoflod - for filling and flooding respectively can be processed either by melting or application of pressure. For filling with pressure, gels are designed with appropriate thixotropic properties.

Vitagel MS, used in Optic Fibre Cables, is a filling compound which is directly in contact with sensitive Optic Fibre. This gel has excellent low temperature and high temperature properties. It is stable over the temperature range of -40 deg C to 150 deg C and meets national & international standards. The product also has very good rheological properties making it suitable for processing under pressure. Savita’s flooding gel, Vitagel F, is also designed to meet national and international specifications.

Gels For Cable Connectors

These are gels made from specially selected Base Oils, new generation polymers such as thermoplastic elastomers and special hydrophobic silica. The Connector Compound CN 11 is designed for high thermal, oxidative and hydrolytic stability.

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