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Petrolatum & Petroleum Jellies

Savita’s Petroleum Jellies are homogeneous mixtures of highly refined and hydro-treated hydrocarbons with specially selected waxes, forming ointment like gels, which are nearly odourless with excellent hydrating characteristics. The resulting gels have excellent emollient properties and consistency for formulating with other active ingredients. Savita’s ability to offer tailor-made formulations help to offer products meeting customers’ precise and exacting specifications. Savita offers grades that comply with strict standards of BP, USP, NF, EuP, IP and other pharmacopoeias. Petroleum Jellies are favoured by personal care and pharmaceutical companies as very versatile, safe and economical formulation base.


Product description

Various grades of Petroleum Jellies catering to pharma & personal care products as well as technical grades for less critical applications and meeting specifications of customers are manufactured.

Physical properties

Properties Unit Method Specification Typical Data
Color Lovibond - IP-17 <1.5Y 0.5Y
Drop point 0C IP-371 40-50 48
Drop Melting Point 0C ASTM D-127 55-65 62
Cone Penetration
25 deg C
dmm ASTM D-937 160-180 170
Kinematic Viscosity
100 deg C
C.St. ASTM D-445 7.0-11.0 9
Light Absorbance
290nm 0.05%(w/v)
- IP-2007 To Comply Complies
Polycyclic Aromatic
  BP-2008 To Comply Complies
Acidity/Alkalinity - BP-2008 To Comply Complies
Odour Test - BP-2008 To Comply Complies
Sulphated Ash % BP-2008 To Comply Complies
Foreign Organic Matter - IP-2007 To Comply Complies


The Petroleum Jellies are used as an ointment base, protective dressing and soothing applications to skin. These gels offer excellent barrier to moisture and thus prevent moisture loss from skin. Savita's Jellies are used in formulating various cosmetic and personal care preparations like hair conditioners, hand cleaners, lip balms, massage creams, moisturizing lotions, and sun care products and in various pharmaceutical applications such as skin protecting ointments, medicated ointments etc.

Products Offered

Savita offers the following Savogel products:

Ultima White, Snow White, White Petroleum Jelly and Yellow Petroleum Jelly.

These products cater to different market segments and application needs of customers.


Savita’s products are manufactured using highly refined paraffinic white mineral oils and waxes. This ensures the products are as per the pharmacopeia requirements.

Savita’s products meet the requirements of pharmacopeia (USP, IP and AP) and are manufactured as per the GMP norms.

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